Welcome to TheNFTX – A new label created by InpulseX.

TheNFTX aims to be the leading platform for visionary artists whose work aligns with the consciousness expansion movement that pushes the boundaries of humankind.

Special Announcement

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TheNFTX Presents

The Portal Collection by Julius Horsthuis

TheNFTX proudly announces The Portal collection, signed by renowned fractal artist Julius Horsthuis. The collection consists of 11,111 unique art fractal loops.

Each fractal will give access to receive a free and exclusive character in the Play to Earn game to be released soon.

The Art & The Artist

The World Of Julius

Fractals are portals to the world of endless imagination.

“If you’re asking me what sort of worlds I create… I do not create these worlds; I only find them.”


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A Collection That Will Never Cease To Amaze

Every fractal art will be a ticket to receive an exclusive character in the game, from Starseed humans to A.I. Robots.

“The Commander” is a great example of what to expect from the characters that will be airdropped in the near future.

Starseed Awakening

Are You Ready To Save Humanity?

Each time this celestial body gets near Earth, it creates unimaginable cataclysms. Many researchers also claim it will return soon…but how soon?

Welcome To The X.M.C.

The Xstronaut Membership Club

A membership club full of exciting features, exclusive benefits, access to VIP events, airdrops, NFTs, whitelists and much more.

Members will receive a unique X.M.C. bracelet required to unlock the incredible Club features, a key that has been out of the planet, literally.